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Memories of Newtown Linford

ISBN 1-871344-04-2     Price: UK £3.50     International £4.50

Category:Leicestershire Local History

Key Subjects:
Village life
20th century
Estate Village
Grey family

Joan Stevenson
Memories of NEWTOWN LINFORD and Bradgate House

Oral history recollections of village life in Newtown Linford, Leicestershire.

Publication date: 1994
Size: 64 pages 148 x 210mm
37 photographs
Format: paperback

Early this century Newtown Linford was a rural estate village, part of the Leicestershire property of the aristocratic Greys of Groby, whose vast Victorian pile, Bradgate House, straddled the boundary between Newtown Linford and Groby. In 1925 the Greys sold the estate, beginning a process of change which has transformed village life. Throughout 1993/4 a group of villagers met regularly and recorded their memories, some of which date back to before the first world war. The result is this 64 page booklet, published in 1994, illustrated with 44 archive photographs of the buildings and people of the village.

Price including UK Postage: £3.50

Price including International Postage: £4.50


Village Life in the Early Twentieth Century

The Cluers
A.J.ís Story

Childhood Days

The Matts Family
Mary Mattsí Story

Working Life

Church and Leisure

The Big House

1914-1918 War

After the War

Sale of Bradgate Estate

After the Sale was Over

The Jacksons
The Brewins
Marion Richardson of Marionís Cottage

The Second World War

Mim Johnson
More Incomers
The Post Office Hold-up

Post War Changes

For more information on Newtown Linford, including a comprehensive timline of the village, visit the Newtown Linford village website at www.leicestershirevillages.com/newtownlinford


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