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Leicester through the Ages

ISBN 1 871344 05 0     Price: UK £5.50     International £6.95

Category:Leicestershire Local History

Key Subjects:
Medieval towns
Industrial revolution
English history
English Midlands


Joan Stevenson

Leicester’s history from the iron age to the twentieth century

Publication date: 1995
Size: 108 pages 210 x 200mm
56 photographs, 6 maps,
13 time-lines
format: paperback

This is history at a lively, enjoyable pace. The book is packed with tales and events in Leicester’s colourful past, brought to life by Joan Stevenson. It was the Romans who put Leicester on the map, calling it Ratae. Growing in importance under the Danes, Leicester prospered under the Normans, but came out badly from the Black Death, the Civil War and the Reformation. It began to grow as an early industrial town, flourished under the Georgians and Victorians, and became a city in 1919. “The best ever written about Leicester .... I just could not put it down.” – Eric Snow, Historian.

Price including UK Postage: £5.50

Price including International Postage: £6.95


      1: Ratae

      2: The Conquest

      3: The Medieval Town

      4: The Last of the Plantagenets

      5: Reformation

      6: Civil War

      7: Restoration

      8: The Georgian Town

      9: Framework Knitters and Violent Politics

      10: Banking and Transport

      11: The Victorian Town

      12: Days of Queen and Empire

      13: The Twentieth Century



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